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This is the latest edition into the fishing division and is also the most important one because this company was formed in joint venture with an Icelandic company , Veidarfaerasalan Dimon ehf , which is a leading company in Reykjavik . Its mainly because of the Dimon team 's knowledge , expertise in fishing and their dedication , commitment and confidence to take on the big manufacturers & players in the market that it makes things much easier for us because the beko team also works in similar fashion and its easy for both teams to share understand and work together as a cohesive force. The Dimon team spearheaded by their Boss , Mr.Arnor Stefansson , his staff and management team comprising mostly of friends and well wishers who like at beko work as a family . The team consists of people who were earlier fishermen themselves and hence the knowledge they have about fishing is huge . Added to that , they have tremendous goodwill and confidence of most of the fishermen in the area which actually is very difficult to sustain , unless you constantly work hard and don't let them down .

beko - dimon is the only manufacturer in the world to make auto bait hooks in stainless steel and we were able to make it through repeated testing and ascertaining the best heat treatment process for the hooks especially because our hooks are DESIGNED and PRODUCED in such a way that they WILL NOT BREAK even after being straightened a couple of times .
Almost 90 % percent of the machines at beko - dimon are manufactured in house with our indigenous technology and we are able to control , improve and sophisticate our manufacturing process .
We have a dedicated , hardworking and happy staff , that working here is such fun . We ensure that none of our process is harmful to the environment in any way .

beko - dimon team boasts of even having a Scientist apart from engineers and others to ensure that the QUALITY of the product is one of the best . We follow such stringent Quality control that each hook is inspected manually at various stages of operation and finally before packing that there is absolutely very minimal or no chance of a defective hook getting by them.
Even the breaking / load test on the hooks are done manually by straightening the hooks a couple of time - just as the way its done on board so that we follow the conventional method of the fishermen and almost 15 to 20 hooks are tested in a batch of 1000 .

Despite the fact that we have made a good quality product , beko - dimon , still are continuing with their R&D to make this even better and we think that this will never stop . Even if the fishermen are completely satisfied we will still work at giving them something better and or try simplifying things for them , for this we always welcome comments and suggestions - which only helps us more .

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