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This is an indo – korean joint venture company that caters exclusively to the Squid fishing Industry . This company was set up here in India , so that high quality squid hooks , jigs , etc., could be produced at a competitive price without compromising on quality in the ever so competitive market of squid jigging.
With so many manufacturers across Asia, a few of them using poor quality raw material so that they could offer hooks at very low prices and hence the industry was so badly affected that many companies especially in Japan , and a few in Korea and Taiwan have either shut down or relocated themselves in China , Philippines , Vietnam , etc., as they could no longer sustain the competition from their current base.

With the sharing and implementation of the expertise and ideas of both joint venture partners and despite all this competition , we have still been able to achieve our initial goal which is to make high quality squid hooks , jigs, etc., with the same competitive pricing that we have been able to survive the price war and still be successful .

Feature of our hooks have been its extremely good sharpness , strength and together with an overall good finish backed by strict quality control that our hooks are in a league of its own . We have been able to maintain such good reputation that most of our hooks are being sourced by big squid jig companies as OEM for their jigs . We have also been making several customized hooks for our clients. We have also practiced in being able to supply urgent requirements to a few clients without affecting the delivery schedules to others by either working over time here or having the same produced by our Korean partner at his factory and still offer them at the same competitive beko- gado pricing. Even though we may stand to lose a little by doing this , we still continue to do so more as a gesture to our clients , who have stood by us and valued our relationship as much as we have and also at the same time it only shows how flexible we are to work with.

As a practice at beko , we always offer to work with other like minded companies on a mutually beneficial and successful arrangement.

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