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beko group ventured into fishing with the idea of being different from the rest and hence it started manufacturing stainless steel hooks . It took years of hard work and dedication to achieve what it is now - a formidable force in the fishing Industry . beko , today has 3 companies in its fishing division , two of which are foreign joint venture companies and they are;
beko fishing and marine enterprises , for all your fishing hooks ,tackle , lures , etc.,
beko - dimon fishing co., ( an indo - euro joint venture company ) caters to the long lining industry , and
beko - gado enterprises ( india ) pvt. ltd., ( an indo - Korean joint venture company ) , which caters exclusively to squid fishing industry with its hooks , jigs , etc.,

Although all these 3 companies in beko 's fishing division work as independent entities and concentrate on different products they all work towards three common goals , more or less rules for us , which are -
1. Almost all products produced by these 3 companies are made using STAINLESS STEEL material - the reason being it's a known fact that stainless steel material has the best resistance to corrosion ,
2. all 3 companies do not compromise on QUALITY of their products under any circumstances and
3. finally and most importantly all three companies work towards SATISFYING the FISHERMEN .

In short our goals and rules are to let the fishermen know that WE CARE for them .

Across the world , there is a talk usually that fishermen are very difficult to satisfy and are fussy to try out new products or brands - but then we don't agree with that , simply because we understand that its their livelihood and we at Beko are not prepared to risk doing anything that jeopardizes their livelihood and hence we make products that are user friendly and something that the Fishermen are happy and comfortable to use .
The company is always open to ideas especially from fishermen , most of whom would want the products to suit their individual style of fishing , with probably slight alterations to the existing products or if they want to experiment with a new one - even if its something they want us to produce , which maybe their brain child which they could have adapted from their vast experience and ideas .
We believe that the fishermen are the ultimate people to certify any fishing product because they put it to test practically everyday and they sure know what is best in those conditions. We realize and try to produce something that they are more comfortable with rather than trying to impress them with glossary gimmicks because in the end its not how big your company is or how long you have been manufacturing , what matters most is how good your products are .
Its our eagerness and willingness to always want to improve our products to make them even better through direct interactions with the fishermen and blessed with an efficient and hard working R & D team, that we are capable of making products that many do envy and fishermen who have used our products will agree .So trying is believing .
Any manufacturer would agree that its not easy to make a hook in stainless steel when compared to high carbon steel or other hooks and we have achieved it with our patience , resilience and hard work over these years . Its been possible for us to improve and adapt with the help of our dedicated MANAGEMENT & STAFF , who definitely need a special mention because not only are they very committed but also take pride in realizing our dreams.
Our R & D team constantly work towards making our products better and almost all our machineries in our companies are DESIGNED & FABRICATED in house and hence we are able to improve and if required make vital changes to our sophisticated machines in short notice that the manufacturing process is always under total control .

With a strong and high quality stainless steel hooks that is competitively priced , which is almost on par with high carbon hooks , and also very importantly our ability to give one of the SHARPEST POINTS on our hooks , beko is definitely on course to becoming the world leader in the manufacture stainless steel fishing hooks .


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