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beko surgical division’s main activity has been the production of high quality suture needles . The feature of the company apart from its competitive pricing has been the uncompromising stance it takes in seeing that the quality of the product is never compromised on any department beginning from the procurement of raw materials till its packed for dispatch.

These needles are used on humans , mostly at critical situations and any compromise on quality could be fatal at times and with the common message and others of all companies in our group being WE CARE there is absolutely no scope for compromise of Quality on our products and especially never on our surgical products.

As most of our products are exported we need to make sure that our needles are on par with the best so extra care is taken in sourcing the raw materials. Our raw materials are sourced from Germany , Sweden , USA , Japan , etc., from renowned companies that specialize in manufacturing high quality surgical needle grade wires.
Most of the machines required for the process are built in house making it easier for us to make necessary adaptations at short notice , when required. Although most of the process are either automatic or semi-automatic , the finish grinding of the points are done manually by trained and experienced staff to give it the extra sharpness required for smooth penetration.
Finally and most importantly in our QC department where they work with extra special care and dedication and almost every needle is inspected individually , before they are packed and dispatched .

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